Why is Environmental Investing important?

forest-mapAs the population rises, there is an increased pressure on the world’s environmental resources. Unsustainable harvesting of the world’s forest has led to the exploitation of plant and animal species. Carbon emissions are created at an alarming rate, there with disregard for the necessity of reforestation to offset these emissions, resulting in ecological concerns for future generations.

It is estimated that only 21% of the world’s native forests remain intact with almost 50% completely lost.

Despite the significant loss of native forestland, the demand for timber and other wood products continues to rise, increasing the need for sustainable, ethical plantations with a long term outlook.

Investing in Environmentally Responsible Mutual Funds

Recently, sustainable development has become prominent on the agenda of many investors and progressive timberland investments have become more attractive to environmentally conscious investors. Environmental initiatives that were previously used as corporate social responsibility activities and reputational marketing now offer the potential for profits.

Increased pressure for governments to protect their indigenous plant and animal life and preserve their native forests will lead to sustainable forest management becoming an increasing portion of the industry. Benefits in terms of community development and bio diversity appeal to the investor that is concerned with more than just returns and unlimited growth.

EcoForests looks to empower investors with the opportunity to invest in something worthwhile, ethical and profitable.