Socially Conscious Investing

Ecoforests is a socially responsible forestry management and investment company. We manage high-class forestry plantations across Latin America on behalf of private and institutional investors. We strive to maximize returns for our investors through a commitment to quality, technique and security.

At Ecoforests, we consider timberland to be a long-term investment; it is also a dynamic asset class. By actively managing our clients’ forests for more than just timber, we are able to maximize returns for our investors through all stages of harvesting. Good stewardship is an essential part of this process and we consider a strong environmental record central to business success. It fosters
a business culture that gives us the operational flexibility to be successful.

This stewardship also helps us meet our fiduciary and social responsibilities as well as the public’s needs. More importantly, good stewardship fundamentally helps to reduce the operating risk associated with our investors’ portfolios.

Over the last decade, Ecoforests has not only offered exceptionally secure investment opportunities to its investors, but has been actively engaged in the industry by participating in various world conferences. In 2008, we commissioned a feasibility study on carbon sequestration alongside Mckinsey and Company. In 2010, we assisted Bayer Crop Science with a review of the forest asset class, and in 2011, we were featured in various news programmes, including FOX Business News and CNBC.

Forestry Investing

“The correlation with other group of assets makes forestry
interesting for every portfolio (as a stabilizer)“

— Financial Times —



We have offices in Canada, Portugal, Sweden, England, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and Israel. Future office locations include Hong Kong and Dubai. Our plantations are located throughout Central and South America.

Socially Responsible Funds

We are devoted to providing investors with the opportunity to make long term investments in a socially responsible and ethical company whose activities benefit the environment while generating a high yield.

A strong management team with diverse specialities directs the company towards becoming one of the best of its kind. Ecoforests employs high-level experts to manage all aspects of the operation.

Forestry Investing

Environmentally Friendly Mutual Funds

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