EcoForests’ Guide to Sustainable Timber Investment Funds

Sustainable forestry investing in timber investment funds is a unique way to diversify your portfolio. In the current age, the environment is becoming a great concern to most, so investing in sustainability and ethical mutual funds are gaining popularity. More people are interested in investing in socially responsible funds, and the forestry sector offers a great opportunity for high returns with sustainable practices. The protection of forestry plantations and sustainable management practices draws investors seeking to balance their portfolio with sustainable forestry investing in timber investment funds. Here are some reasons why adding sustainable timber investment funds to your portfolio is a great long-term investment strategy:

Diversification & Competitive Returns

In the past, timber investments have shown a low correlation to major asset classes. This provides a great opportunity for portfolio diversification but also minimizes volatility. Timber investment funds are a long-term investment option that meets diversification needs, but also can enhance portfolio performance. For a turn-key alternative investment yielding returns that are above average, EcoForests’ corporate vertical integration incorporates sustainable forestry management, nursery, harvesting, timber processing, and timber trading & exporting. This comprehensive corporate portfolio means every stage of the timber growth, maintenance, and trading is carefully monitored to protect your investment, and ensure ecological sustainability remains of utmost importance.

Inflation Protection & Promising Future

In the face of rising consumer prices, sustainable forestry investing in timber investment funds has the long-term power of preserving capital. Timber has historically outpaced other asset classes during periods of high inflation. As a commodity, timber can supply investors with real competitive returns, thus always has an inflation edge. Furthermore, timber is a highly sought after commodity with long-term supply and demand. The patient investor will see returns as the global population increases, thus increasing the demand for timber. Sustainable forestry investing means the future of plantations can be bright, as sustainable management practices will ensure the health and prosperity of forestry for years to come.

EcoForests is a boutique forestry investment management company with sustainability and social responsibility as a key component of our philosophy. To begin investing in sustainable timber investment funds, or for more information, complete our convenient online form or call us toll-free at 1-855- 876-3775.