What is Socially Responsible Investing?

In our current society, many people are concerned about social issues, the environment, and the well being of our planet. This observation of issues has lead to a surge in the popularity of socially responsible investing (“SRI”). Also referred to as “ethical investing,” “green investing,” or “sustainable investing,” this investment practice is based on the principles of morality and the interests of the investor in making a difference with their investment strategy. It is a method of effecting change in ways that could be referred to as more “behind the scenes” than protesting or demonstrating. It is using investments to fund what is socially important to an investor, such as the preservation and management of timber assets.

Why Invest in a Socially Responsible Way?

You have the power to influence change! By investing based on your social values, and in this case, based on environmental protection, your funds are going towards preservation and sustainability- key components of a healthy future for the environment. By investing in socially responsible funds you support those causes in a direct way. Also, socially responsible investing includes shareholder advocacy- socially responsible investors influence corporate activity by pressuring them to improve their standards and practices.

Unique and rare species of trees are cultivated at alarming rates around the world. Socially responsible investing in the forestry sector means you are contributing to the protection and management of plantations of rare but sought-after species such as eucalyptus, mahogany, and teak. Once mature plantations are harvested in a sustainable manner, you see a return on your investment while knowing you have contributed to forest preservation, with ethical management and harvesting.

EcoForests is a socially responsible forestry management and investment company. Through managing high-class plantations in Latin America for investors, we maximize returns in harvesting, but with sustainability and good stewardship as essential components of our strategy. To learn more about the timber asset class and socially responsible investing, contact us today using our convenient online form, or call us toll-free at 1-855-876-3775.