We aim to create a healthier planet through dedicated forestry and carbon projects. Our mission is simple: benefit the planet and benefit your portfolio

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Specialist Operations

Our teams consist of specialists who possess extensive and intimate knowledge of the forestry sector within the local area. Their expertise lies in assessing wood quality and evaluating the infrastructure required for efficient harvesting. With this valuable insight, they actively seek sustainable opportunities in forest estates to ensure responsible and environmentally friendly forest management practices.

Inflation Hedging

Forestry as an asset class exhibits significant resilience against economic cycles, making it largely immune to fluctuations. Moreover, the strategic geographic diversity of our forestry assets acts as a safeguard, offering protection against the potential impacts of climate change on investments. This combination of stability and foresight enhances the attractiveness of forestry as a sound investment option.

Impact Investing

In the realm of forestry asset management, we present our clients with a dual advantage: the opportunity for sustainable returns on investment and the potential for carbon offsetting. Additionally, the projected long-term disparity between timber supply and demand further augments the potential for price growth. This makes forestry an attractive option for those seeking both financial gains and environmental impact.

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Our investment approach

Forestry is a unique product. At EcoForests, we take care of your investment with the objective of achieving both impact and sustainability. It is an integral part of our personalized forest wealth planning package, along with flexible financing options.

Once we've familiarized ourselves with your specific requirements and understand your forest investment needs, we will identify the most suitable forestry asset management service and recommend a portfolio tailored to your overall long-term plan. We will develop a forestry investment plan that reflects your values and aspirations while remaining adaptable to prevailing market conditions.

Defining Values

Our projects are designed to generate both environmental and economic benefits, creating a double bottom line for our investors.

Above all, investing with EcoForests, you'll not only be supporting sustainable forestry practices and carbon offset initiatives, but you'll also be part of a community of investors who are committed to making a positive impact on the planet while generating attractive returns. We are proud to be engaged with local communities to help build a better world for us and future generations to come.


Our diverse timber portfolio features teak, oak, mahogany, and eucalyptus species, strategically located throughout Central and South America. Our full—suite vertical integration ensures protection through the investment cycle: seedling to forest management, harvesting, processing, export, and ultimately trading via our liquidity facilities.

Benefit your portfolio.

Our forestry operations not only create a positive impact on society and the environment but also generate impressive financial returns.

Benefit the planet.

By employing socially responsible and environmentally sustainable practices, we go beyond traditional timber management and actively enhance the value of our client’s assets. From seed to -harvest, we expertly manage our forests to maximize returns for our investors.

Our comprehensive vertical corporate investment encompasses all stages of the forestry value chain, including seedling cultivation, forestry management, harvesting, wood processing, timber exports, and trading. This integrated approach offers a complete turnkey solution for impact investors.

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EcoForests bespoke carbon projects aim to deliver the highest quality solutions by focusing on its 3 main pillars: ARR (Afforestation, Reforestation, and Revegetation), social impact, and most importantly, permanence

Our carbon project developments in Latin America focus on achieving co-benefits of local employment and water conservation. By creating job opportunities, our initiatives contribute to economic development and empower communities. Simultaneously, we prioritize water conservation through sustainable land management and reforestation, safeguarding watersheds, and improving water quality. Collaborative partnerships with local communities, government entities, NGOs, and the private sector drive the success of our projects. Through these initiatives, we embody a holistic approach to sustainable development, addressing carbon emissions while tackling socio-economic and environmental challenges in the region.


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